Who We Are

Steven M Apostolides: Founder and President, LUTCF, CLTC

Steve was born and raised just North of Boston Massachusetts in an ethnic household that valued: family, respect, hard work and above all . . . . integrity.

Steve began his career in engineering but quickly migrated toward business management that began in a small family manufacturing business.  That experience opened opportunities into the broader corporate world.  Over the next decade, Steve honed his skills by serving in most key corporate management positions and augmented those skills by continuous education.   He spent the next 25 years as a Chief Executive at numerous high tech companies in the capacity of a seasoned CEO and helped to turn around many start-up companies.  His success was a result of his strategic skills, sound financial management and the ability to communicate and connect with people.  Within that time he was recruited into and spent 4 years as an executive at GE during the Jack Welch era.

Steve decided to leave the corporate world in 2002 and with his broad experience; he began a consulting practice for executives and business owners. As a result of his practice, and his own experience, he learned that most people, professionals, executives and small business owners alike, do an inadequate job of planning for their retirement and succession.  Upon further study, he concluded that, in general, the financial services industry is segmented and not well organized to provide those services to individuals.

Identifying this under-served need in the financial services industry, he set out to fill the void.  He asserts that the old game of business does not “cut it” any more and is committed to help establish a “new game”. . . .  more in line with the needs of the clients and issues we deal with today.  Those needs are most prevalent in “Wealth Preservation” and sound “Retirement Income Planning.”

Steve educates his clients so they are able to make informed decisions regarding their current and future financial goals.  He has developed several techniques and tools that help to resolve complex strategies by presenting the options to clients in a clear concise format. He has authored many financial planning programs, some of which are in use nationally.

Steve’s philosophy is simple, “there is a proper strategy for every situation and economic cycle . . . . we just need to define the clients’ goals!”  “Central to the process is the use of the latest technology along with the the proper financial instruments to achieve the clients’ goals”.  His mantra is “If we can’t prove it, don’t do it!”

Steve maintains and continues to grow a very robust practice that focuses on Wealth Preservation, Retirement Income Planning, Legacy Strategies and Long Term Care Design. He also works very closely with CPA’s, Attorneys and often, other financial professionals.  He is very passionate about his work and often declares “I have the best job in the world”.  “I get up every morning with the promise that I am going to help put people in a better place . . . . it doesn’t get much better than that”!

Steve is married with grandchildren, is a commercially rated pilot for powered aircraft and gliders and attempts to master the game of golf.

Steve is registered and fully licensed Fiduciary in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and several additional states.  He has spent years becoming expert in the use and application of the many financial instruments available and maintains an independent practice that enables him to recommend what is best for the client, not just what is on platform.